Dear Federico (Federico Pistono),
sorry if I.m asking you two more questions, but investigating is my job.
Unfortunately, Pegaso University was late in replying me about the question on your real job title at the University.
In your CV organize/ you wrote “Head of Innovation of the Pegaso University”, but from the University they told me this doesn’t correspond to reality, because your role was just a consultant for 15 days of work.
They also told me that the title you indicated in the contracts was “Ing.” (Engineer), but I can’t find any degree in engineering in your CV.

Would you be so kind as to clear up the air?
If possible, please do not post another video as a comment on my page. Because this dosn’t help to clearify.
The best way to be transparent will probably be a post ion your page. So the answers will be written and everyone can see it.

Many thanks in advance

P.S. I’m still waiting for an answer to questions 1 and 2 of this post